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Want to know where to sell your Rolex, or how to sell your Rolex? Allow the experienced, knowledgeable team at Swiss Wrist to make the process of selling a Rolex as easy and seamless as possible. With us, you’ll find a committed team of watch specialists who stay up-to-date on fine Swiss watch market values, and can answer any questions with authority and detail. We sell Rolex watches as well as buy them on a consistent basis, and many of the jewelers we work with call us daily for watch evaluations and appraisals by our expert staff. By selling Rolex watches to us, we guarantee quick cash

We also take trades and will give you fair market value for another watch in our inventory your customer may be looking for, allowing you to offer much more to your loyal clients in terms of selection without tying up your cash.

Selling Rolex watches shouldn’t be a complicated ordeal! Fill out the Sell My Rolex Watch form below to get a free quote!

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How do I get a quote?

1. Tell us about your item – Fill out the form above and include as much detail about your watch as possible.

2. We assess and give you a quote - We will send you an email giving you a quote or a ‘window estimate’ of how much we can pay for your watch. This means that we will give you a quote between two numbers. For example, we might say we can pay you between $2000-2500 for your watch, based upon final condition inspection.

3. Fedex your item FREE - We will issue a Pre-Paid, fully insured shipping label which will be emailed to you once you have confirmed that you wish to send the watch in for a purchase offer. Everything you have with the watch should be pre-packaged together with your name, address and phone number prior to going to FedEx.

4. You get your cash! - After receiving the watch and fully inspecting it, we will call you with an exact number within that window estimate. Once we are in agreement we will send you an overnight check, cashable upon receipt or deposit your cash directly into your account via bank wire. That’s right: we will make payment within 24 hours. If for some reason we do not come to an agreed upon number, we will ship back everything overnight insured on our dime.

Again... We won’t waste your time since we know it is precious! We will pay upon reaching an agreement on price WITHIN 24 HOURS.

Why Should I trust Swiss Wrist?

Swiss Wrist Inc. has been buying and selling Rolex watches for more than three decades and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and is in excellent standing with the International Watch and Jewelry Guild, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Google Inc.
Check out our testimonials and read the feedback. We work very hard to ensure this stays the way it is: top-notch.
We have been in business for many years and understand the importance of treating our customers the same way we would like to be treated. Through many years of good and trustworthy service, we hope to gain you, your friends, and family as Swiss Wrist Clients for life.

Sell Your Rolex for Top Value

Rolex watches are what economists call “durable goods” meaning they don’t wear out easily. Unlike your car or lawn mower, a Rolex is expected to last for generations and with simple care, it will. It was not designed to be worn for three or five or even ten years and discarded. It was literally created to be an heirloom in the making. Rolex introduces new models slower than other luxury watch companies – which makes them like Bentley and Mercedes and other timeless brands, but they do launch new models. Rolex makes approximately two thousand watches a day and still doesn’t reach demand. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the pre-owned Rolex market is booming. This means people are always looking to sell their older watches and buy something newer. Rolex has unparalleled name recognition in the luxury watch business and therefore Rolex watches are always a good investment and an easy sale... the trick is getting a fair market price.

Why Are Rolexes In Such Demand?

In a word: history. It’s really quite simple but sometimes people new to the watch game forget why it is a fact that Rolex is the most famous brand name in watches. They know it to be a fact, but couldn’t tell you exactly how Rolex became, well...Rolex. Let’s just hit some highlights...
Rolex pretty much invented the modern wristwatch. That’s a bold statement, but one easily proven by the historical record.
Here is a brief list of Rolex Firsts:

  • First Watchmaker to win Chronometer “Kew A” Certification For a Wristwatch–1914
  • First Waterproof Wristwatch – the "Oyster"–1923
  • First Successful Self-Winding (Automatic) Wristwatch–the “Oyster Perpetual”–1934
  • First Wristwatch with an Automatically Changing Date–the “Datejust”–1945
  • First Wristwatch Waterproof to 100 Meters –the “Submariner”–1953
  • First Wristwatch to Show Two Time Zones Simultaneously–“the GMT-Master”–1954
  • First Wristwatch with an Automatically Changing Day and Date–the “Day-Date”–1955

When we keep in mind all these advances were made with mechanical movements–no quartz or batteries, mind you–the technological advances made by Rolex are truly amazing. Thus, it is no boast but a simple historical fact that Rolex took the watch from pocket watch to modern wrist watch and from outer space to the depths of the ocean–all in less than forty years.

The “Average” Rolex Buyer

We have been in business long enough here at Swiss Wrist to know there is no “average” Rolex owner, but we have seen some trends. We know Rolex sport models are still the gold standard for adventurers who want and can afford the best, including members of elite military units. Rolex dress watches have been desired status symbols and symbols of achievement in the business world for ages. Some Rolex buyers are people who just like trying out new models, and therefore only keep a Rolex a relatively short period of time before “flipping it” for something new. We see nothing wrong with that at all. Life is short. Here at Swiss Wrist we like being the party who connects watches with new, happy owners!
All Rolex owners tend to appreciate quality and don’t mind paying for it. They also tend to be highly motivated, highly successful people, and as such their time is valuable and we know this and respect it.
That’s why we make the selling process as hassle-free and painless for the seller as possible. Your time is precious and we won’t waste it.

What about Ebay or Craigslist? My Local Jeweler?

Selling on Ebay

The internet has certainly changed our lives and made buying and selling easier than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean you can just throw caution to the wind and buy indiscriminately from strangers and simply “hope for the best.” Ebay can be a great way to buy and sell but it is fraught with risk for “newbies” to the Rolex market. There are “shark” types who prey on both buyers and sellers. You might sell your Rolex to a buyer on Ebay only to have them dispute they ever received the watch. Paypal or a Credit Card company might side with the buyer, and even if they eventually side with you, your money may be frozen while the dispute is in progress. Not good!

Selling on Craigslist

Craiglist is a great way to sell the futon you used in college or an old stereo, but do you really want to meet a stranger face to face in a transaction involving thousands of dollars and Rolex watches? Prudence dictates otherwise.

But what about my local Jeweler?

There is an exception to every rule, but usually your local Jeweler is one of the worst places to sell your pre-owned Rolex. For one thing, the local Jeweler is probably not a Rolex expert and will be wary of any Rolex brought in to them for resell. They know only too well how good the fakes can be, but may not have the expertise to really identify them. This makes them hesitant to buy, and even more hesitant to pay top dollar. They know that their market to resell the watch will be local and therefore they will usually not be able to pay as much as a dealer whose reach extends all over the world via the internet. But don’t take our word for it; check it out. This is almost always the case and is simply the way the business works.

At Swiss Wrist, we specialize in Rolex sales and appreciate the brand for the blue chip, top quality investment Rolex watches represent. We appreciate the history of the brand–the first watch on Everest and the favorite watch of the brave RAF pilots who flew during the Battle of Britain among many other accomplishments–and know the painstaking care that goes into making every single Rolex one of the highest quality timepieces in the world. We truly enjoy being in a position to help you in the buying and selling of the finest watches in the world, and to be a part of helping others enjoy these magnificent symbols of achievement and accomplishment. We never cease to be amazed by the artistry that goes into the manufacture of a Rolex. They are amazing little machines!
We think we are fortunate to be purveyors of art–art you can wear on your wrist. But in order to sell, we must buy, and we realize that without satisfying the customers from whom we buy, we are lost.
Our business philosophy is simple: we work with a small markup, with a high volume of sales, allowing us to have many repeat, loyal, and satisfied customers. We sell High-End Swiss Timepieces online, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality, reliability, and trust which is the true backbone of success for any firm.
We want your business and strive to pay top dollar for quality pre-owned Rolex watches.