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Which Rolex Is Easiest to Resell?

Which Rolex Is Easiest to Resell?

A common question on the watch forums is which Rolex holds its value the best, and or provides the safest bet in terms of a quick sale if the owner wants or needs to sell the watch. A quick perusal of WTS(Want to Sell) and WTB(Want to Buy) ads on the forums is a clue. The watches that seem to sell the fastest, and in the most demand, are the…drum roll, please…stainless steel Rolex Submariners.

No surprises there really for a veteran watch aficionado or WIS—Watch Idiot Savant. ( For one of the best definition of what a WIS is, see this link: http://www.chronomaddox.com/wis.html )
The better question after one determines the Submariner is the no-brainer, easiest-to-sell Rolex might be: why? I’m glad you asked! Oh, let me count the ways.
1. James Bond. Elementary, my dear Watson. Almost in the realm of “’Nuff Said,” to follow one cliché with another. Ever since Sean Connery strapped on a Submariner in the first film iteration of the 007 saga, Dr. No., the Submariner has been perceived as uber cool. Who can argue with that?

2. Versatility. It’s a versatile watch. The high water resistance of a thousand feet (!) means it is a for real, honest-to-goodness diver’s watch, and will laugh at the swimming pool adventures of most Walter Mitty wannabe desk divers. (Yours truly included ) At the same time the classic, stainless steel Submariner with its simple black face and timeless design seems to look really good with just about any kind of outfit, all the way up to black tie/tuxedos. See Number 1 above.

Which Rolex Is Easiest to Resell?3. Price Point. The stainless Submariner is priced above many other “luxury” watches, but is obtainable by most folks who really want one, especially in Pre-owned or “Pre-loved” trim, and holds that value far better than just about anything else. A new 116610—and still virtually unobtainable at this writing—Submariner retails for $7250. The older but nearly identical looking 16610 retails for $6000 whilst brand new, and can be found in excellent to like-new condition for between $4000 and $5000 usually. This represents an excellent value for the buyer. Indeed, many WIS like to say that if one buys a Rolex Submariner and keeps it for about ten years or so, one is usually able to recoup the entire investment paid for the watch, such is the ever-upward price spiraling of the always popular Sub.

4. No Excuse Watch. Owning a Submariner means never having to say you’re sorry, to paraphrase and co-opt a line from the 1970 novel and movie Love Story. In other words, you need never worry about upgrading if you buy one. Sometimes, frankly, people “settle” for a less expensive brand due to cost and go with a watch they feel less excited about. Been there, done that. Haven’t we all? The bottom line is, Submariner owners don’t have that problem. It is probably the most iconic, recognized watch in the world.

In summary then, for many happy owners, it’s all the watch they’ll ever need. That helps explain why there is always an eager market ready to buy them.

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