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Types of Rolex Jobs

rolex-jobsTypes of Rolex Jobs

Interested in Rolex jobs? Whether planning on moving to Geneva or would rather work in another location, plenty of Rolex job types exist. Let’s check out a few:

A watchmaker is defined as an artisan who makes and repairs watches, such as new and used Rolex watches. The vast majority of today’s watches are created in factories, and many watchmakers subsequently focus on the ‘repair’ side of the job. Additionally, most of today’s watchmakers work directly for the watchmaking industry, such as those hard at work at the Rolex headquarters. Watchmakers who work directly for watch companies receive detailed “in-house” training that includes learning everything there is to know about crafting the brand’s timepieces. Historically, watchmakers in countries such as England underwent a seven-year apprenticeship and had to join a guild.

Watchmakers also work for companies that buy and sell Rolex watches, such as Swiss Wrist, as repair services are offered among many others.

Sales Consultant 
Working exclusively for an official Rolex retailer is another Rolex job option, and one that provides the opportunity to learn a lot about ladies and mens Rolex watches. Official Rolex retailers are found in major cities all over the United States, so if you live in or near one and are interested in a sales consultant position, check out job sites for recent listings.

If you’d rather work as a buyer for a reputable dealer, you’ll function as an authority on new and used Rolex watches, and provide quotes to those looking to sell among other duties. A job that could potentially change every day, it’s yet another way to become an expert on all things Rolex.

Check out these and other Rolex jobs if learning more about luxury watches fascinates you!
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