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Rolex Vs. Panerai Watches

Rolex-Vs-PaneraiRolex Vs. Panerai Watches

Rolex vs. Panerai. The debate over these two luxury watch brands has gone on for quite sometime, and while both make quality timepieces, “purists” often lean towards Rolex. Both brands make sports models and have headquarters overseas, though Panerai’s is in Florence, Italy compared to Rolex’s Geneva, Switzerland. If you find yourself tossing and turning over which watch brand to go with, allow us to help you in your decision:

Timeless Vs. Trendy
Panerai watches may be “trendy” in the watch world, however Rolex is still the better-known brand, and one synonymous with elegance, prestige, and timelessness. Rolex designs are always perfect, something the brand prides itself on, with each watch component meticulously crafted and set. This isn’t to say Panerai doesn’t make beautiful watches! However, if brands are important to you, and you enjoy wearing clothing and accessories that symbolize classic style, Rolex is the obvious choice.

Streamlined Vs. Clunky
Each and every ladies and mens Rolex watches in existence feature a streamlined design that’s never cumbersome or otherwise “in the way.” If combing watch forums concerning the Rolex vs. Panerai debate, you’ll likely read comments about how “clunky” Panerai watches can be, particularly the sports models. Rolex, in comparison, creates sports models that fit comfortably on the wrist no matter what you’re doing, such as diving, hiking, climbing or sailing.

Resale Value
Another point in the Rolex vs. Panerai debate? You’ll generally make a lot more money selling a pre-owned Rolex than a used Panerai. Rolex’s re-sell value is arguably higher than any other luxury watch brand thanks to the company’s stunning timepieces and legendary status. Rolex also keeps their supply “somewhat constrained,” therefore adding significantly to their watches’ re-sell value.

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