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Rolex Vs Omega

rolex-vs-omegaRolex Vs Omega

The Rolex vs Omega debate has gone on for decades, with each an esteemed luxury watch brand renowned for creating quality timepieces. The Ford vs. Chevy competition of the watch industry, Omega was once the top-selling luxury Swiss watch brand, but that was before “the time of Quartz watches” in the 1970s. Omega has since tried to top Rolex, and while both are exceptional watch brands, Rolex continues to dominate. Let’s check out why this is:

Resale Value
It’s no secret Rolex offers enthusiasts and collectors a much higher resale value than Omega. Ladies and mens Rolex watches aren’t made in huge quantities, which accounts for high resale value, as does the brand’s history and meticulous attention to detail. When trading a used Rolex watch, experts note it’s much easier to obtain fair market value than it is for Omega.

Beauty and Function
Whether dealing with a new or used Rolex watch, there’s no arguing the beauty and functionality of the timepiece. The brand crafts beautiful ladies and mens Rolex watches crafted using only the finest materials, while Omega is better known for function. This is not to say Omega watches aren’t pleasing to the eye, however the brand is renowned for function rather than beauty. Rolex is celebrated for both.

Role in Professional Sports
The Rolex vs Omega debate is quite heated in regards to professional sports, with Rolex the official timekeeper for the Wimbledon Championships in Flushing Meadow, London. Omega served as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in London, however Rolex clocks pepper the Flushing Meadow grounds.

Rolex and Omega compete in golf as well despite the former having a stronghold on the market since the 1960s (hello, Arnold Palmer). Rolex had a partnership with the European Tour for years and served as the official timekeeper of the Ryder Cup until 2012. However, in July 2012 Omega signed a five-year deal with the PGA of America, making them the timekeeper of the Ryder Cup, which occurs in the U.S. Rolex remains the timekeeper of the event when it happens on European soil. Clearly, the rivalry isn’t going anywhere, though Rolex still has the upper hand in the pro sports world.

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