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The Rolex Logo: A History

Rolex-logoThe Rolex Logo: A History

The Rolex logo, which features the brand name in green and a gold crown above it, is found on “everything Rolex.” It complements the company slogan, “A crown for every achievement,” with the crown symbolizing perfection, prestige and victory. The gold color also represents excellence, while the green is a nod to “uniqueness and prosperity.” Let’s take a brief look at the history of this storied logo:

Different Colors
Over the years the logo has been printed in black and white with a green background, or with the crown only. Besides the now-green and gold design, the modified Garamond font has made the logo “one of the most famous in history.”

The original creators of mens and ladies Rolex watches, Hans Wilsdorf and brother-in-law Alfred Davis, first called their company “Wilsdorf and Davis,” and mainly shipped Swiss-made watch accessories to England. They eventually named their company Rolex, believed to be inspired by the French phrase, “houloguorie exquise”, which means exquisite.

In 1908 Wilsdorf registered “Rolex” as a trademark and opened an office in Switzerland. In 1915 Rolex was registered as a company name, as the men had begun manufacturing watches in Bienne, Switzerland three years prior.

It wasn’t until 1925 that the Rolex logo was officially registered as a brand trademark.

The logo design was meant to be eye-catching and capture the attention of consumers, who subsequently felt compelled to purchase men and ladies Rolex watches, or perhaps sports or vintage Rolex models. This iconic logo is also designed to “convey the brand’s business message and make the company stand out” as an exceptional maker of luxury watches.

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