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  • Rolex Year Chart: What You Need to Know

    January 14, 2015
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    Mens and ladies Rolex watches are unusual for a number of reasons, including each model’s unique, five-to-eight-digit serial number. The legendary company does not provide an official Rolex year chart, however watch dealers such as Swiss Wrist have created such charts to help buyers and enthusiasts alike determine the year their watch was made. This is important in figuring out the worth of a timepiece.

  • All About the Rolex Grand Am

    January 8, 2015
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    So what is the Rolex Grand Am, exactly? Most who know about professional racing have generally heard of it, with its primary focus the Rolex Sports Car Series. An endurance racing championship series, Grand Am sanctioned five auto racing series.

  • A Look at Rolex Men’s Stainless Steel Datejusts

    December 16, 2014
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    rolex-stainless-steelAh, the Men’s Stainless Steel Datejust watches from Rolex. The stainless steel version of the classic timepiece, each is equally beautiful and durable. Let’s check out a mere few of the Stainless Steel Datejusts available at Swiss Wrist:

  • Facts About the Ladies Pearlmaster

    December 9, 2014
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    ladies-pearlmasterThe Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster is an absolutely stunning timepiece featuring a “gracious case shape” and plenty of baubles. Let’s check out what makes this Rolex masterpiece so special:

  • The Rolex Air King: A Brief Review

    December 5, 2014
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    rolex-airkingRolex created the Air King as homage to the British Royal Air Force during World War II, with the watch debuting in 1945 after the brand learned of pilots’ affinity for men’s Rolex watches. We’ve already delved into the history of the Air King, and with that in mind let’s review the iconic timepiece: 

  • How to Buy a Vintage Rolex

    December 4, 2014
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    vintage-rolexInterested in purchasing ladies or mens vintage Rolex watches? Whether looking on eBay or elsewhere, there’s a few tips to keep in mind that ensure the watch you purchase isn’t a fake or otherwise in terrible condition. Let’s look at a few tips for making certain the watch you purchase is the vintage piece you want:

  • Facts About the Rolex Sky Dweller

    December 2, 2014
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    Rolex watch that made its debut at Baselworld 2012, the Rolex Sky Dweller is designed for the globetrotters of the world. Some argue that the Sky-Dweller is not a sports watch, but rather a unique timepiece available with a fluted bezel and precious metals only. If interested in learning more about this watch, check out the following facts:

  • A Brief History of the Rolex Yachtmaster

    November 24, 2014
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    rolex-yachtmasterOne of Rolex’s newer models, the Yachtmaster is not the brand’s first watch for lovers of the sea. It followed (and capitalized on) the famous Submariner, but had plenty to offer as well. Created as a “tool for boating,” the Yachtmaster debuted in 1992. 

  • Rolex’s Role in Professional Sports

    November 19, 2014
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    Not only do many top athletes wear Rolex watches, the brand sponsors players as well. Let’s take a brief look at Rolex’s role in the professional sports world:

  • Rolex References In Music!

    November 13, 2014
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    Rolex-Presidential-luxury-watches-watch-goldThe Rolex brand cemented its place in pop culture a long darn time ago, so it follows that it’s been mentioned in numerous songs! Let’s look at a few of the of tunes that reference Rolex watches, hmm?

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