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How to Spot an Imitation Rolex Submariner

Rolex-Submariner-WatchHow to Spot an Imitation Rolex Submariner

A symbol of status, elegance and strength, there’s nothing like a genuine Rolex watch. If partial to one of the brand’s most iconic models, the Rolex Submariner, check out our quick guide for ensuring the new or used Rolex watch on your hands (and wrist) is a real Submariner. It’s one of the most-replicated Rolex watches!

The bezel on an authentic new or used Rolex Submariner moves in one direction only: counter-clockwise. Fakes are usually bi-directional, meaning they move in both directions. However, it’s important to note that quality faux Submariners sometimes feature counter-clockwise bezels.

Sharp Edges
Imitation Rolex Submariners feature sharp bracelet edges compared to the dull edge of the real deal. When examining the bracelet, also look at the Rolex logo. Replicas frequently feature unclear, even rough-looking logos. Additionally, the numbers on a genuine Rolex Submariner are clean and quite pronounced, while the numbers on a fake look shallow and messy.

Real new or used Rolex Submariners require 120 clicks to make a full circle on their bezels. Imitation Rolex Submariners frequently fail on this count. Test this feature if feeling unsure of the Rolex Submariner you’re considering.

Clear Case
This sign holds true for all mens and ladies Rolex watches, not just Submariners, however it’s still important to note! An imitation Rolex Submariner will include a clear caseback that allows you to see the watch’s inner workings. The back of any authentic mens or ladies Rolex watch is never, ever clear.

50th Anniversary Edition
The 50th Anniversary Rolex Submariner is one of the brand’s most popular models to copy, and it features a green bezel insert. An easy way to tell if your 50th anniversary edition is an imitation Rolex is to check for lug holes, as Rolex ceased making lug holes on their Submariner cases a long, long time ago. If the timepiece you’re checking out does feature these holes, run screaming from the room.

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