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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Eric Clapton And His Rolex

    October 29, 2013
    mini logo swiss wrist

    eric claptop playing guitar and wearing a rolex

    If Clapton is God, then He’s wearing God’s watch.

  • Motorsports Drivers And Their Rolex Watches

    October 24, 2013
    mini logo swiss wrist

    The King wears a Rolex. So does The Captain. And Sir Jackie and Junior.

    Rolex Watches in Motorsports

    Yes, Rolex is huge in motorsports, and many of the biggest racing names in the world are spotted wearing them, including The King, Richard Petty.

    richard petty rolex

    Petty, the NASCAR legend who still holds the record for most career victories (100), is often seen at races sporting a Rolex that can be difficult to spot. That’s because Petty wears it flipped, so the face is on the inside of his wrist.

    The Captain – Roger Penske, whose IndyCar team has won a record 15 Indianapolis 500s – also is fond if his Rolex timepieces. Sir Jackie Stewart, who won three Formula One championships in the 1960s and ‘70s, is, too. Junior Johnson, the rebellious moonshiner-turned-NASCAR-star, once posed for a photo in his stock car, left arm out the window, gold Rolex in full view.

    Here’s something most casual race fans don’t know: Aside from wearing suits covered in logos of their sponsors, they often have personal sponsorship deals for clothing and other accessories, like shoes, sunglasses and, yes, watches. So the next time you attend a race or watch one on TV, pay attention to what’s on the drivers’ wrists. You might find a Rolex.

    In fact, Rolex is synonymous with motorsports. It’s the title sponsor of the famous Rolex 24, the annual 24-hour sports-car race at Daytona. Rolex also has sponsored cars, teams, drivers and racing series. Stewart’s ad campaign for the classic, elegant Rolex Datejust is one of the sport’s best remembered:

     If you were racing here tomorrow, you’d wear a Rolex.

    if you were racing here tomorrow you'd wear a rolex ad

    Two of motorsports’ – and Hollywood’s – most iconic figures, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, also were spokesmen for Rolex. Their photos while wearing spectacular timepieces remain, like Sir Jackie’s, some of racing’s most emblematic images.

    Perfect timing. How cool is that?

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